Jared Gwin

Hi my name is Jared Gwin I’m a grateful believer in Jesus Christ I was born and raised in southeast Arkansas a town called Hamburg I have a younger sister that is four years younger than me growing up my parents raised us right and we never went without but wasn’t raise in church I always knew about Jesus but through my 12 year addiction I had turned my back on him I pushed away and hurt lots of people through my sin and addiction including my family , kids and ruined two marriages was also in and out of jail through all this I finally got to the point where I was sick and tired of the way I was living I started searching for help and God brought me to breaking bonds and I’m so thankful for that since I’ve been here God has changed my heart and renewed my mind he’s restored my family he’s showed me how to have a prayer life he has also opened up the door and given me the opportunity to stay on at breaking bonds as staff and I look forward to staying and reaching out to guys like myself that’s broken and truly lost and helping them find salvation through Jesus Christ to further his kingdom