Hunter Traynom


Hey all!! My name is Hunter Traynom, I’m a very grateful believer in Jesus Christ. Grateful for the sacrifice he made for us all and for pulling me up from the pits of sin and drug addiction. I grew up in a southern baptist church in northeast Arkansas. My family always did the absolute best they could for me. My parents divorced when I was 14 years old, at this point I had decided that I was going to start making my own life choices. After making that decision I’ve spent 13 years in active addiction, 13 years in and out of county jails, 13 years of putting my family through absolute misery. It wasn’t until 2019 when I found myself broken enough to listen to reason, broken enough to want the help, broken enough to realize I can’t live this life Hunters way. It was at Breaking Bonds Ministries where I found out how I could live my life free from the bondage of addiction and that’s through Jesus Christ. Since Graduating the program I feel that God has laid it on my heart to put myself in the service of other people who desperately need it, helping lead men from addiction and sin and into the light.